Fuck you, ladies

Well done, women of the internet*, you’ve gone and pissed me off again.

Earlier this week it was comments about how rude it was that a woman stood up for herself when a man demanded a smile out of her, because clearly the most important thing is not to hurt the feelings of people who feel they are entitled to your time and attention.

Today it is comments about how so many girls nowadays dress like sluts and have no respect for themselves, because I’m so much better for not showing too much thigh like one of those loose, immoral Jezebels.

Jesus Christ ladies, are you trying to make my head explode? Seriously, are you? What do you possibly get out of judging other women for how they dress? How does it make you feel better to expect women to always be polite and respectful to people who are entitled, demanding, and sexist? What the fuck are you getting out of this?

* #notallwomen, because internet whiners. Keep up the good work, everyone who isn’t a slut-shaming, victim-blaming asshole.